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The role of psychodermatology: sk:n says

17th March 2015

At sk:n, we're always keen to find out what what causes various skin conditions. We know the clinical evidence behind well known skin diseases such as acne, or rosacea. But are there other triggers, such as how you feel in yourself? Can it really be mind affecting matter? Can stress give you ezcema?

The answer appears to be yes, or yes, in part at any rate. An entirely seperate field of study has emerged, known as, 'Psychodermatology.' Originiating in America - where else? - psychodermatology is the treatment of skin disorders using psychological and psychiatric techniques.

Increasingly, doctors are asking their patients to turn to relaxation, self-hypnosis, and meditation to help relieve the symptoms of chronic conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, hives, warts, herpes and allergies.

There are many people willing to come forward and pin their colours to the mast.  Mary O'Leary is a surgical nurse in Boston, Massachussetts. She had so many warts on one foot, it was too difficult for her to stand in the operating room. However, after a course of self-hypnosis, she was able to visualise her immune cells fighting off the virus and imagined healthy skin replacing the warts.

It's bizarre and amazing, but it works!

There are some clinical studies available to support they hypothesis that stress can impair the skin, although the sample groups are low, typically around 25 subjects. However, all our doctors have observed the exacerbation of chronic skin conditions when a patient is under the weather generally.

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So, whilst at sk:n, we prefer to use larger studies before we change a medical protocol or introduce a new treatment, we continue to watch with interest as the field of psychodermatology develops and would recommend that all patients focus on removing obvious causes of stress from their lives before beginning treatment and aim to get a good sleep the night before.

We can provide expert interventions to help you discover better skin, but we're old enough and wise enough to know we haven't yet unlocked all the secrets of the human brain and its immense healing powers...

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