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The Erbium Laser…sk:n and the ’10 Years Younger’ treatment.

27th March 2015

Harriet, who works for sk:n at our Sheffield clinic, tells of when of her favourite treatments.

"When I first started working at sk:n, the treatment that scared me most during my contact centre training was the Erbium Laser Resurfacing. Not because of horror stories but because it does exactly what it says on the tin. It is used on 10 Years Younger (Channel 4) and is an effective treatment for anti-ageing, acne scarring and pigmentation. This is because the Erbium Lasers have been shown to stimulate the production of collagen, creating a tightening and smoothing of the skin.

"Yet, the initial thought of it seemed quite intimidating. The process can be broken down to this: the laser alternates between pulses, which heats, then destroys the tissue, causing new skin tissue to be formed, thus ‘resurfacing’ the skin.


Laser pulses target the surface layer of the skin, vaporizing water and the skin's surface without affecting deeper layers. A new surface layer will then grow back - a layer that is soft, wrinkle-free, and younger looking. The heat generated during the process also shortens the collagen fibres in the skin, which restores some of its elasticity.

"This is one of the main treatments where downtime needs to be discussed as it can be up to 5-7 days (depending on extent and level of the treatment). It sounds daunting but it does work. I've watched many treatments take place with Mr Dujon our highly experienced Medical Director. In any clinic it will be the doctor in clinic who will provide a skin assessment during consultation reviewing your medical history, age, skin type and pigmentation, considering your desired results to determine the best course of treatment for you.

"Whenever a treatment takes place in clinic, the client has an initial consultation with the doctor. I would then call to confirm their appointment and when they should be applying their topical numbing cream. I would then go through what they could expect straight after treatment. Following the procedure, the treated areas are kept moist with Avène water spray (RRP £6.50) and a copper based petroleum jelly and, depending on the area, dressings for the first few days. Sun lotion (minimum of SPF30) should be applied when in the sun and the skin can be more UV sensitive for several weeks after treatment.

"The day after treatment I always make a courtesy call. In one particular case, I remember that although the client told me her skin was red and tight, she couldn't hide her delight about the results she was already seeing.

"After laser skin resurfacing many patients can look years younger; the pigmentation and acne scarring dramatically reduced and due to the increase in elasticity and collagen production results can last up to ten years. This is a treatment which works."

sk:n clinics incorporate over 25 years of medical expertise with a medical director in every clinic. Our approachable, highly trained staff are on hand to advise about our treatments and cosmeceutical products to make sure you get the best long term treatment plan for your skin. We have a national network of clinics, now expanding to Wales through our new Cardiff clinic and shortly will be adding our tenth to London, with Hampstead Holly Hill.

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