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Spots later in life? Back to basics. From a sk:n client

8th March 2015


Anna, 43, tells us about her experience of breakouts after having a baby...

"I was a lucky teenager with perfect skin (seriously, I look back and I WEEP). Small pores, even tone, a rose of colour blooming in the right place - and very rarely a spot in sight.

Then, in my late twenties, just as I was beginning to linger at skin counters, and worry about frown lines, I had a baby. And with the baby, not only came joy, love and dark circles, but.....spots. Plural.

I was baffled. How the hell did THIS happen? Spots were for angst-ridden teens, not me. I was a proper grown-up. So I had to learn to deal. Here is my wisdom:

Do NOT over-cleanse - it only irritates the skin more, setting up a truly disastrous cycle of dry/increased oil production/more spots. Use a gentle product, like sk:n's Vitamin Enriched Cleanser for your skin type religiously, twice a day. Much better.

You still need to moisturise -and use sunscreen, too.

the cleanse/moisturise/sunscreen formula I always followed still works: I've just had to tweak the ingredients

Zapping the zits? I find a /gentle/ blemish control product like the Blemish Control Lotion (my son who IS a teen rates this too) soothes the redness (making it easier to cover-up), and the Maintenance Serum destroys bigger spots overnight.

Though spots do still upset me, I've discovered that the cleanse/moisturise/sunscreen formula I always followed still works: I've just had to tweak the ingredients."

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