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Sloven or Slave to your skin? Secrets from the sk:n team!

23rd March 2015

What's your secret skin routine? Members of the sk:n team have been discussing theirs and it was quickly apparent that there are two teams - Slovens and Slaves!

Sarah, 24 manages our Social Media as well as a host of projects. She is definitely a slave to her skin!


Since coming to work at sk:n two years ago, I've radically overhauled my skincare routine and noticed incredible improvements.

(note from editor - it's true, her skin is radiant now).

'In the morning, I apply some sk:n Age Delay cream, followed by an SPF, then a light BB cream. At night however, I really go to town - first of all I remove all my make-up with a wipe. Then I cleanse thoroughly with Avène Cleanance.I love this cleanser as your skin just zings after use. Every other day I use sk:n's exfoliator, followed by the hydrator from the anti-blemish range. Then I add on sk:n's Pore Refiner, to shrink my pores (which helps fight outbreaks but also makes your skin appear younger and fresher, then finally pop on a smear of eye cream!'.

Phew! The Slovens in the team were hanging their heads at this time but Sarah has definitely reaped the rewards for this investment she's made in her skin.

Next, Vicki, 28 tells us her skin secrets. Vicki, a busy mum, with a long commute and a hectic work schedule opening our new clinics yet still makes time for her skin.


"I exfoliate about 3 times a week, but cleanse every day with sk:n cleanser for oily skin. Like Sarah, I love the hydrator but I also love having treatments! Since joining skin, I've benefited from a course of Pyruvic peels as I've always battled with outbreaks. This has really calmed my skin down and I feel much more confident. I wear a mineral foundation every day too, and have also had injectables - some Botox® in my forehead and some filler in my lips and cheeks. Being a model for the doctor's training days is one of the perks of the job!"

sk:n Juliet

"Like dieting and exercising, I come at skincare in fits and starts, despite the fact I know exactly what I should be doing! I've got two kids at home who leave the family bathroom looking like it's been attacked by toothpaste graffiti artists. Sometimes I just work around the mess but never spend too long in there. I always take off my eye make up and have used Botanics eye make up remover for ages. (I used to work on the Brand and the loyalty's still there!). I then clean my face with soap and water - I KNOW! I may never live this down - then apply a very rich moisturiser. SkinCeuticals Emollience is the best I've used in 18 years in the Health and Beauty industry. In the morning I wash my face in the shower, and reapply my Emollience, put on some BB cream and sk:n eye cream.

"What has been brilliant for me since joining sk:n is access to some of the exfoliating / resurfacing treatments we offer. Over the last three years I've had a TCA peel, some CO2RE resurfacing, a Mandelic peel and Dermapen. Each time, new skin is revealed and I see my every increasing lines and wrinkles reduce a little. More so, the pigmentation I had which gave my skin a blotchy look has all but gone, allowing me to move from a heavy foundation to a light tinted cream. I can just smear that on as I run round the house picking up flannels from the floor and shooing the dog back down the stairs. Just wait. These younger ones are going to go the same way in time!

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