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sk:n to work with Beauty Passionista!

30th March 2015

We're so excited at sk:n to be working with Ambarina Hasan, from Beauty Passionista. There are few writers in the beauty industry right now who know more about the current trends, new products and treatments than Ambarina.

As a busy mother of three, who has written for a broad portfolio of publications, done radio and TV presenting as well as being a finalist in the prestigious Marie Claire Blogger Awards for Best Beauty Blog, we know Ambarina is going to provide us with a highly informed take on our products and services. We look forward to hearing all her feedback - good and not so good - to help us continue to improve and remain the leaders in skin care treatments all over the UK.

The reasons I'm excited by my partnership with sk:n are manyfold, not least because of the brand heritage, their skin ethos, and the sheer breadth and depth of the treatments they offer, all with the reassurance of knowing that there is a long-standing relationship with our beloved NHS.

Furthermore, as a business with tens of thousands (millions over the years) of black, asian and minority ethnic clients, as well as an extremely diverse workforce, it's vital to us that we get feedback from an expert who understands the specific needs and concerns of women with darker skin. Many Asian women for example are nervous of using laser, as they feel it could burn and is safer on whiter skins (this is no longer the case, and certainly not with the highly specific lasers we use). Other readers may recognise the risk and realities of pigmentation, excess hair or dark circles around the eye area.

At sk:n, we have treatments and solutions for all these conditions and look forward to working with Ambarina to find out how we can do more to live up to our reputation as The Nation's Skin Clinic.

You can read Ambarina's first blog here, and find out more about our treatments here.

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