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Older. Ok. Duller? NEVER!

25th March 2015

Anna, 43, tells us about her skn discovery.

When I was younger, 'old' was teamed with 'wrinkly'. Imagine my horror when (mumble) years later, 'dull' made an appearance as well. I may grudgingly accept being older, but I'm damned if I'm going to be dull.

I'm not alone: increasingly both women and men want to rid themselves not only of wrinkles but to regain that certain something that your granny and mine would call 'the bloom of youth'.

As a starting point, sk:n offers a Brightening Cream. It's not a primer, but a treatment which together with an effective moisturiser (the cream for mature skin is ideal), gives skin an even tone and texture which like youth, is wasted on the young.

Of course, you may feel, as I did, that something a little more incisive is called for: thankfully, sk:n has are many treatments from Dermapen to laser resurfacing, to a simple peel that will makes any product more effective, and get your glow back - without any knives.

Dryness can also be a contributory factor to dullness: fortunately all the treatments I've mentioned aid the skin's absorption of moisturisers & serums, giving it its daily 'drink'. And always, but always use sunblock.

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