'Oh my God Mum, it works..'


A client's son tells his story

"Pick up your socks. Brush your teeth. TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN. And for HEAVEN'S SAKE,  stop picking your spots." - My mum. Every day.

But it's hard to resist, right?  The spot-picking, I mean, not the other stuff. But (it kills me to say this) my mum did have a point: I got a spot, I picked it, it got bigger, I wanted to pick (or squeeze) it some more....

But (contrary to what my mum thinks) I do care - it's not just for girls, skin stuff. I just wanted it to get better....but all the things I tried didn't do anything, so I stopped bothering with them.

Which is where sk:n came in. My mum dumped a lot of bottles on my bed: 'Try this'. So I dabbed a bit of the Maintenance Serum on, and went to bed.

Okay, so it wasn't gone completely in the morning, but it wasn't worse. So, after shaving (which often makes my spots itch, which leads to scratching, which leads to bigger spots), I tried the Skin Hydrator. And my skin felt better- not itchy at all.

Gradually, when I kept using the products (I didn't always remember, but I did try) my skin got fewer spots: and the ones I did get didn't last as long. AND I didn't want to pick them as much. Bonus!

The thing is, if stuff works, you want to use it. And the more you use it, then it becomes a habit, like my spot-picking was. Now Mum says all she needs is to find a treatment for the socks on my floor....

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