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Rosacea treatment and the V-Beam Laser - by a sk:n team member

17th March 2015

My name is Harriet and I have worked for sk:n for 3 years now. I started at the Call-Centre before making the move to the Sheffield Psalter Lane clinic, where I’m really enjoying my work supporting the operation of the clinic.

I happily agreed to be a model (HA! Me a ‘model’) for our clinic dermatologist as it gives me a sneaky insight into the renowned laser treatment experience which clients tell us sees 50% to 75% improvement after just one course of treatment.

Before I started working at sk:n I knew I had rosy cheeks, but didn’t think much of it. In the summer I knew that’s where I would catch the sun and I would radiate with redness without the copious application of Sun Protection Factor 30 at regular intervals.  However, as soon as I started at the clinic, the dermatologist commented about possible treatment for my ‘acne rosacea.’ I had no idea this was what I had but realized I was in a great position to finally do something about it.

I had one requirement, which I am sure many can relate to; NO bruising, please.

I am also a student on placement, which means that the recovery time was worrying me a little. I knew enough to know that downtime can vary depending on the frequency of the laser used.

The Treatment

I settled onto the bed in the treatment room and the dermatologist double checked my consent form and explained the process to me.

The laser will target the red colour in your cheeks as it eliminates the small vessels and capillaries.

Perfect! I placed on my goggles and ensured that I couldn’t see a chink of daylight. They fit snuggly so I relaxed and waited.  I then heard the laser and felt a cold ZAP, a mixture of the laser and cold air being blown on my face! It felt bizarre and certainly not what I expected. It isn’t painful, thanks to the cold air and extremely quick. 15 minutes later and the treatment was complete.

Post treatment I hardly dared look in the mirror, in case I was black and blue. blue. Success – I wasn’t!  I do look a bit flustered and there is a bit of swelling but nothing too bad. But I was still suspicious and anxiously checking for the rest of the night to see if the bruises appeared.  I applied Aloe Vera gel (RRP £12) as directed then put my mineral make up on as usual as I went back to clinic to reception.  The bruises didn’t appear, thankfully!

After just over a week my friends, who didn’t know I had had treatment, remarked on the difference.  I have now had two treatments. The second one was more uncomfortable with higher settings and more swelling, which went down in half a day. But I can honestly say I am thrilled with the results.

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