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Laser Hair Removal - Shattering the myths, by sk:n clinics

6th March 2015

When talking to our practitioners at sk:n, we find we hear the same questions over and over, at each of our 35 clinics; whether that be in Scotland or London, Wales or East Anglia about laser hair removal..so we thought we take a moment to shatter a few of those persistent myths!

First off though, a quick lesson!

How Laser Hair Removal Works

So, the first question.

1. Does it actually hurt?

In truth - yes, a bit. At first anyway. During the first session, there are more hair follicles to zap, so it's actually the worse session. We do all we can to mitigate the pain by blowing cool air over the surface of the skin and even providing a numbing cream if you're especially sensitive. However, many of our clients describe it as no worse than a wax but, conversely to a wax, the more treatments you have, the less pain you feel. Quite simply, as we kill off more and more hair, the pain obviously goes down. We have clients who are nodding off by their fourth treatment, so there's really nothing to fear.

2. So why are there lasers on the market which claim, 'pain-free'?

Hmm. Good question. The only way to avoid the pain of laser hair treatment completely, or to reduce it, is to turn the settings down significantly. This then clearly means that the treatments will take longer and cost more. At sk:n, we have them purposefully set at a (very bearable!) level which means you will receive optimum results within 6 to 8 sessions. No one wants to be visiting a clinic for more than this, with the inconvenience but more, the expense. We know, after 25 years working with lasers, that we have perfected the art. Indeed, we have a whole division of our company who services and trains on laser treatments across the UK, and guess who our biggest customers are??

3. Is it permanent?

The truth here is...sort of. Some of the hair (up to at least 80%) will be permanently killed off. But because you're catching the hair follicle at different points of the cycle, you won't catch each and every one for good. However, the whole process leaves any hair remaining downier and sometimes lighter. A 'maintenance' session every six months or so is enough to stay on top of things for most clients. So yes- the results you get are permanent. But beware of anyone promising 100% permanent hair loss.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

4. Can it be used on darker skin? I've heard I might burn.

You may be thinking of IPL (intense pulsed light). This works very differently and yes, there have been people who have suffered burns using this method. But our lasers at sk:n work by precisely targeting the melanin, not the skin, and are also perfectly calibrated to suit your exact skin tone, from white to black.

Laser Hair Removal vs IPL

5. Finally - is it expensive?

When working through the sums Laser Hair Removal will save you significant amounts of money over the course of your life. However, we recognise that there is an upfront amount to pay, which is why we offer interest free credit and regularly run discounts of up to 40% off. (Beware also hand-held devices as a money saving hack. Because they are used in an unregulated environment, the settings are necessarily very low meaning you simply can't get the results you get in a clinic). We can talk all this over in your free consultation, whilst we carry out your test patch.

  • Treatments from as low as £30
  • Safe for all areas, skin types and tones.
  • Most advanced hair removal technology available
  • Safe and effective, even on sensitive areas
  • The most trusted laser providers in the UK

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