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Laser hair removal for darker skins - at sk:n

24th March 2015

Scientist have discovered through years of research that the safest way to remove hair on darker skin types is by using what is known as '1064' light. This corresponds to a wavelength of light in the infra-red zone.

Lasers work on the principle of 'selective photo-thermolysis'. This means a target or chromosphere in the skin absorbs a specific wavelength of light, producing a certain effect in the skin.

In hair removal, melanin is the target in the skin. When the melanin absorbs the laser light it dramatically heats the hair and this heat energy is then passed on to the hair follicle and bulb, simultaneously damaging the blood supply nourishing it.


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Only hair removal lasers using 1064 light are safe to use on dark skin

The higher up the light spectrum we go, the safer it is to use laser light on dark skins. Therefore, only hair removal lasers using this 1064 light are appropriate to use. If for example 755 light was used, a darker skin would absorb far too much energy because the melanin rich skin would become a target for the laser light, just as much as the melanin rich hair. 

The 1064 laser light is still able to damage the blood supply to the hair because this light naturally penetrates around 5mm deep into the skin. It can heat up the melanin producing structures much deeper down causing the necessary damage to stop growth, without damaging the surrounding skin at the surface or below.

sk:n are fully equipped with these type of lasers and pride ourselves that we can treat any skin colour, with the exception of albino skin, due to the lack of pigmentation in the skin.

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