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Five Top Tips to Help Your Hands..from sk:n

19th March 2015

Did you know that as a nation, we spend upwards of a £1BILLION on skincare? But ironically, the tiniest fraction of that is on the part of us that gives away our true age in a glance -  our hands.

Because the skin on our hands is so much thinner than elsewhere, with very little fat, when collagen begins to naturally breakdown over time, the impact is far greater than on other parts of the face or body.  Perhaps the only area which rivals this trouble-spot is around the eyes, yet we spend far more time, energy and money on gently patting on cosmeceutical eye creams than we do tending to our hands, as Madonna can testify..

When the collagen breaks down on your hands, it’s going to have a very noticeable effect. Added to the chronic sun exposure our hands receive and you’ve a recipe for accelerated effects of ageing.

- Lisa Mason, Medical Standards Manager.

So what can we do?

1 - Use a moisturiser as frequently as possible.

Your hands require more moisture than any other part of your body because of this extensive exposure to the elements and frequent washing, which strips away the skin’s protective oils.

Emollient creams contain a mixture of fat and water and feel pleasant to the touch, although they do contain preservatives.

Ointments don’t, are much greasier and highly effective at holding water in the skin, although some people are put off by the feel.

So, if your hands are very dry, start with an ointment then progress to a cream, or use an ointment last thing before you turn off the light.  (Lotions are much more fluid and suitable to hairier areas..)

sk:n recommend Burt’s Bees Hand Salve for an intensely moisturising ointment and our very own Hand Cream formulated with anti-oxidants, peptides and Jojoba Oil.

2 - Wear a sunscreen on your hands

Some beauty houses are now formulating hand creams to also contain an SPF, to prevent signs of pigmentation and age-spots coming with exposure to UV light. However, if you want to save your money, there is really no difference in applying your regular hand cream then adding on a small dab of your favourite sunscreen. Do remember to check for both UVB and UVA filters – sometimes called, ‘Broad Spectrum’ protection, as the majority of the ageing will come from UVA exposure.

Boots’ Soltan has the highest level of UVA filters across their whole range so you really can’t go wrong with just using what you have in the bathroom.

3 - Peel away the age

Skin Peels are designed to tackle a range of common skin concerns, including dull skin, acne, wrinkles and age spots.  The treatment involves applying a non-toxic chemical solution to the skin to encourage skin turnover, allowing fresher, clearer, brighter skin to replace it.  sk:n do a popular hand peel, using, ‘Innerpeel’, which works at the lower level of the skin to quickly and safely promote newer, more evenly toned skin.

4 - Consider dermal fillers.

The latest dermal fillers from Juvéderm are perfectly suited to hands. Treatment involves injecting a medically developed solution called, ‘Hydrate’, under the skin with a fine needle to plump the thinning area. Administered correctly by a medical practitioner they can subtly smooth, soften, and tone the skin.

What's in them?

According to the area to be treated, we use the highest grade filler solutions, administered at varying levels of thickness, to achieve the best possible results. Our product Juvéderm® is made from biocompatible, biodegradable materials and contains Hyaluronic Acid, which replaces the naturally existing substance in your skin that repairs damaged tissue.

5 - Laser's Always Best

Other than surgical intervention, there is no treatment as yet on the market which can beat the effects of laser. Laser targets lower levels of the skin, or individual age spots, to break them up, create a small wound which in turns brings about a healing response, newer skin and the production of collagen. At sk:n, we use Fraxel for astonishing results orthe Q Switched Laser for agespots, (the same technology as is used for tattoo removal).

sk:n is The Nation's Skin Clinic with 35 plus clinics the length and breadth of the UK. With the strictest medical protocols for all treatments, a twenty-five year partnership with the NHS and 200,000 treatments carried out last year alone, sk:n lead the way in expert dermatology at accessible prices.

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