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Botox or NOtox? sk:n says...

13rd March 2015


Today, The Daily Mail have reported that Botox® sales are down for the first time since they were introduced to an adoring market 12 years ago.

According to the article, potential customers are being turned off by celebrity 'horror' stories, such as Donatella Versace's increasingly tight looking skin, and Rene Zellweger's change of look, (or should that read, 'change of face'..) and turning to more non-invasive procedures, such as peels or resurfacing.

However, as usual, it looks like sk:n clinics are bucking the trend.  True, many more clients are taking up non-invasive procedures, with interest in our deep-acting peels and newer treatments like CO2RE and Fraxel booming. However, this has not been to the detriment of Botox® or Dermal Fillers - sales figures for 2014 show a +5% increase on the previous year.

There's a lot of reasons to take notice of what's happening at sk:n. Although the market is very fragmented, comprising many thousands of independent clinics, sk:n clinics is not only the longest established reputable player on the market, (with a thriving NHS partnership going back a quarter of a century), but also the biggest, with 35 plus clinics up and down the country, and more opening every month.

Indeed, with 85,000 clients on our database, we are able to spot trends way before the rest of the market and plan accordingly. We knew, for example, that what our clients wanted, more than a 'plastic aesthetic' was a No Trace Face. Only the most highly trained doctors, surgeons, dermatologists or nurse prescribers can offer a client anti-ageing injectables, and that's after a full consultation, skin scan and discussion to understand exactly what the client would like.

Now I've seen how much care and medical expertise goes into the whole treatment journey, I'll never go anywhere else. I just feel safer.
Janice, 39

We only use bespoke Juvéderm and Botox®products, from Allergan, the original and most established supplier in the world, tailored precisely for each part of the face.

We have always recorded what is known in the industry as 'adverse events' (when a patient either has a reaction or is unhappy with the results) and our statistics are vanishingly small, mainly comprising clients who actually feel they need a little more injected. Luckily for them, we offer free reviews AND free top ups after a treatment, working on the basis that it's easier to add, than take away.

Our customer satisfaction scores are in the high 90s. In 2015 that meant almost 12,000 happy clients..


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