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3 benefits of Laser Hair Removal that no one talks about...from sk:n clinics

7th March 2015

We've all heard the claims that there's no better way to remove hair than by laser. Sure enough, the mode of action seems convincing; the hair folicle is zapped by a highly target laser beam at the root and killed for good. Brilliant. Smooth skin forever, no matter what your skin tone.

But the cost still puts people off, despite the hours we spend a month of our precious time depilating, soothing and calming irritated skin.

However, there are other benefits that very few people discuss, either out of embarrassment or because they're unknown. So lets take the plunge and have an honest chat about some of the hidden benefits of laser hair removal!

bikini line nightmares

For many women, depilating around the bikini area is a must, especially in the summer. Let's face it, no one really wants to pull on their bikini then spend the rest of the holiday carefully pulling down the sides to make sure no stray hair is showing, no matter what your age or attitude.

The skin around the bikini area is extremely sensitive and reactive. Most women find they can't get a truly smooth finish through shaving or waxing, as the area can be left sore, bumpy and often prone to ingrowing hairs. So you swap one faux pas for another on the beach..as one client at sk:n clinics told me, 'I'm fed up of looking like the last chicken in the shop!'

The beauty of laser hair removal is because the hair is killed at the root, the skin has time to recover to its natural state.

Turn your arm over and touch the inside. Imagine having your bikini area like that on a permanent basis, summer after summer. Bliss.

Underarm shame

In a similar way, many women find that years of depilation have left their underarms either red and 'scorched' or slightly pigmented. One dark-haired woman I know told us that she was mortified on raising her arms once to have her friends laugh at her, 'natural look', when in fact it was darkened skin which had reacted to the constant assault of lotions, potions, razers and waxing. Laser Hair Removal will leave your underarms as smooth and clean looking as when Amanda Holden's when she first heard Susan Boyle sing!


One of the biggest inconveniences of traditional hair removal is the 'growing it out' phase. Want a really close wax? Better give it something to grab hold of! Need to pluck that horrible hair on your chin? By the time you can see it, so can everyone else.

The beauty of laser, is it all takes place on shaved skin. We don't want hair above the surface of the skin as the laser works beneath. And, contrary to very popular opinion, shaving does NOT make the hair grow excessively or coarser. It just chops the top to a blunt edge so it feels like that. So please - shave your chin without fear. Chuck your wax in the bin and realise no longer need to have that week before a wax feeling slightly bristly or furry - smooth skin starts from your very first laser treatment!

Smooth skin - Laser Hair vs Wax vs Shaving

If you want to find out more about laser hair or to book a free consultation to have a test patch, then we would love to see you at sk:n.

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