Blogs from March 2015

  • sk:n to work with Beauty Passionista!

    We're so excited at sk:n to be working with Ambarina Hasan, from Beauty Passionista. There are few writers in the beauty industry right now who know more about the current trends, new products and treatments than Ambarina.... read more

  • ​sk:n Cardiff is getting off to a flying start!

    To celebrate our successful clinic launch we are offering all Cardiff clients an exclusive 50%* off treatments. Book your free consultation at our brand new clinic to be the first to benefit from this great offer.... read more

  • The Erbium Laser…sk:n and the ’10 Years Younger’ treatment.

    "When I first started working at sk:n, the treatment that scared me most during my contact centre training was the Erbium Laser Resurfacing. Not because of horror stories but because it does exactly what it says on the tin. It is used on 10 Years Younger (Channel 4) and is an effective treatment for anti-ageing, acne scarring and pigmentation. This is because the Erbium Lasers have been shown to stimulate the production of collagen, creating a tightening and smoothing of the skin.... read more

  • 'Oh my God Mum, it works..'

    'Pick up your socks. Brush your teeth. TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN. And for HEAVEN'S SAKE, stop picking your spots.' - My mum. Every day. But it's hard to resist, right? The spot-picking, I mean, not the other stuff. But (it kills me to say this) my mum did have a point: I got a spot, I picked it, it got bigger, I wanted to pick (or squeeze) it some more...

    ... read more

  • Older. Ok. Duller? NEVER!

    Anna, 43, tells us about her sk:n discovery - "When I was younger, 'old' was teamed with 'wrinkly'. Imagine my horror when (mumble) years later, 'dull' made an appearance as well. I may grudgingly accept being older, but I'm damned if I'm going to be dull."... read more

  • Life as a Mole Covered Woman - from a sk:n team member

    Judy, a forty-something woman tells us how she manages the ever present risk and fear of skin cancer. "Today in the Mail there's tragic piece about a man whose malignant melanoma was treated too late, resulting in the spread of cancerous cells to his lungs and his all too early death at just 48.... read more

  • Laser hair removal for darker skins - at sk:n

    Scientist have discovered through years of research that the safest way to remove hair on darker skin types is by using what is known as '1064' light. This corresponds to a wavelength of light in the infra-red zone. Lasers work on the principle of 'selective photo-thermolysis'. This means a target or chromosphere in the skin absorbs a specific wavelength of light, producing a certain effect in the skin.... read more

  • Sloven or Slave to your skin? Secrets from the sk:n team!

    What's your secret skin routine? Members of the sk:n team have been discussing theirs and it was quickly apparent that there are two teams - Slovens and Slaves!... read more

  • Fraxel, Celebrities and a personal view from a member of sk:n staff

    Fraxel: The skin treatment Hollywood stars admit to but what do they know that you don’t? Our Harriet, from sk:n Sheffield talks about the marvels of Fraxel… “At first glance, the machinery and equipment in a skin clinic can seem intimidating. What does it all do? And why are celebrities ready to admit to using laser treatments but not injectables? Using lasers to do what??... read more

  • Five Top Tips to Help Your Hands..from sk:n

    Did you know that as a nation, we spend upwards of a £1BILLION on skincare? But ironically, the tiniest fraction of that is on the part of us that gives away our true age in a glance -  our hands.... read more

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