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This wearable patch could prevent sunburn

2nd June 2015

Britain may not be well known for its glorious summer weather, but it’s important to understand the risk factors associated with sun exposure whether you’re spending your holiday in Lima or London.

Source: Huffington Post

Wearable tech is a burgeoning market, with new gadgets being revealed daily that can benefit people's everyday lives. The latest in skincare technology has produced a wearable patch that warns you when you're becoming exposed to too much UV light. The patch contains one of the main ingredients in sunscreen - Zinc Oxide - and measures how much UV radiation your skin has been exposed to.

The patch uses sensors with a flexible material to provide an alternative to silicon based products that are far stiffer and less versatile. It's connected to your smartphone or tablet and will tell you when you've had too much.

This will not only prevent the embarrassment of lobster-like holiday photos, but help avoid long-term skin damage that overexposure to UV radiation can lead to. The implications of this device could be a vast decrease in skin cancer, as people become aware of quite how much sun they can take. Because sun burn doesn't appear straight away, people will often stay out in the sun unaware of the danger they're putting themselves in.

Long-term effects of sun damage can include a variety of conditions, the most extreme being skin cancer, and the most likely being pre-mature ageing. Too much sun exposure often leads to dry and wrinkled skin later in life which can be easily avoided by knowing when to move into the shade.

For those who are too late to take advantage of this technology, there are still treatments that can stave off the advanced ageing of your skin, like chemical peels and injectables. Talk to a qualified dermatologists to assess the extent of the damage done by UV rays and the best treatment for you.

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