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Why your skincare routine should change as you age

18th June 2015

Anti-ageing, collagen boosting and skin elasticity - all the words often associated with skincare products, but what are their functions and why are they important?

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Skin in your 30's

During your thirties you're likely to start noticing fine lines and wrinkles, particularly around your eyes and mouth. Your skin may also not be glowing or plump as much as it was in your 20's; this is because cell production begins to slow down. To maintain your skin, invest in a good eye cream to keep skin firm and add retinol serum into your routine as it boosts cell turnover. In terms of consumption, you should reduce the amount of alcohol you drink as it takes your body longer to recover, and limit your sugar intake as it causes glycation, which has an ageing effect.

Skin in your 40's

At this stage you begin to lose more collagen and elasticity. You will begin to witness cumulative sun damage which will show in the form of blotchiness, uneven discolouration and red spots. The lymphatic system will also begin to slow down; this may result in puffiness around your eyes and cheeks. To reduce this, you should try to massage your skin when applying moisturizer to move around the lymphatic fluid. You will also find that your skin will require more hydrating due to less oestrogen, hence you should switch to a richer moisturizer and frequently use skin masks to both refine the texture of the skin and to deeply moisturize it.

Skin in you 50’s and over

The lack of skin elasticity will begin to show through hooded and wrinkled eyes and your skin cells will continue to lose moisture and become noticeably drier. This is when you should consider applying a day and night cream as part of your skin regime. Although skincare products are important, it's vital to try staying active by regularly exercising to help keep good circulation in the skin and body to boost vibrancy.

A dermatologist will be able to tell in more detail what's best for your particular skin type and condition, dependent on age, lifestyle, etc.

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