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Your mobile phone could be the cause of irritated skin

15th June 2015

Our mobile phones are one of the key things we carry around with us throughout most of the day; it’s something many claim to not be able to live without. But can your phone be the cause of irritated skin?

Source: innomind.org

A recent study suggests that the nickel, chromium and cobalt found in common phones made by some of the biggest brands including Samsung, LG and BlackBerry can cause skin irritations. Of the brands mentioned, at least half of their phones contain nickel or cobalt, either on the keypad or headset. It's also worth mentioning that the metals were not found in Apple iPhones, Nokias or Androids. This has been a growing concern as Danish and US researchers found that at least 37 incidents since 2000 where contact dermatitis was caused by mobile phones

For those allergic to metals, symptoms range from dry-itchy patches on your face and ears to blistering, redness, lesions and oozing. The study found that most sufferers developed skin problems on their face, although various cases reported irritation on their thighs and hands.

Reports showed that mobile phone dermatitis was more common in under-18's. Clare Richardson of Loma Lind University School of Medicine, predicts that this number will rise as a result of the increasing use of smartphones that offer multiple functions including the internet and game apps.

So what can be done to prevent skin irritation?

The most obvious one would be to change your phone to one that doesn't contain either of the metals. Alternatively, you could use a plastic cover over your phone or use a wireless earpiece.

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