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Lily Allen shares your acne woes

5th June 2015

Last month singer Lily Allen took to Instagram to show the world her skin imperfections and make thousands of women better about their own acne. Acne is typically associated with youth and adolescence, but it's incredibly common for adults to experience it well into their 30's.

The caption on her photo says “How is it fair that I get acne at 30? #firstworldproblems” and has received 11.4k likes and almost 650 comments all showing support and appreciation for her public display of vulnerability.

Celebrities showing their imperfections to the world are often met with positivity and messages of empowerment. When the public are constantly bombarded with pictures of retouched models and celebs, it's easy to come to the conclusion that they don't experience the same beauty woes as the rest of us. This leads to feelings of embarrassment and shame, which can make it difficult to reach out for help.

Lily Allen has never been one to promote the “perfect”, flawless image that many singers and actresses do. Whether it's creating a staple look of prom dresses and trainers, or dying her hair pink, she has never been one to do what's expected of someone in her profession. This has undoubtedly contributed to her incredible fanbase; it takes a certain level of vulnerability to come across as “real”.

As the hundreds of comments suggest, acne is a very common condition that people are often desperate to get rid of. In fact, you'll notice a number of the comments are of tips and tricks on home-remedies to treat acne. Unfortunately it's very hard to generalise with these kinds of treatments. Using specific products or ingredients is never guaranteed to work on everyone and this can lead to acne sufferers feeling defeated and hopeless.

Talking through your skin problems with a dermatologist not only gives you someone who understands to listen to, but can advise on the best treatment options for your skin and acne type.

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