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Four tips to banish last-minute breakouts

11th June 2015

With all your summer outings lined up with family and friends, the last thing you want is for that unwanted breakout to pop up out of nowhere. So here are three top tips from us here at sk:n clinics to banish breakouts so you can enjoy your days out without having to worry.

Source: beyondthepalebeauty.com
  1. Although it may seem logical to squeeze your pimple to reduce its visibility and to quickly help your skin heel, you should avoid touching the blemish at all costs. When you try to squeeze a pimple from the sides, it causes the infection to go down deeper into the pore, causing the enlargement of pores or even worsening the infection. If this is done consistently it could even leave permanent scars.
  2. Use spot treatment to reduce the redness that appears when the blemish is infected or inflamed. Look for products containing sulfur or benzoyl peroxide as it helps to control the oil that feeds bacteria, thus reducing the production of spots altogether and also relieves the swelling of the blemish. The ingredient Salicylic Acid also exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells and helps reducing redness.
  3. Keep a moistened, clean washcloth in the fridge/freezer in case of such instances. Apply the chilled washcloth directly to the affected area for three-five minutes, throughout the day. This will help reduce the redness.
  4. Use a concealer if it's your last resort but make sure you don't apply too much as it can draw more attention to the blemished area. Before application, prep your skin by gently cleansing it with a wet warm towel so that your skin is clear of other products, and of course, remember to wash the make-up off thoroughly at the end of the day to avoid irritating your skin further.
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