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How ceramide nourishes and protects ageing skin

19th June 2015

Source: health.howstuffworks.com

At a young age the skin produces a high level of ceramide molecules which helps skin looking youthful and nourished. These molecules are on the outer layers of your skin and are generally replaced within 40 days. The ceramides are constantly replenished by nutrients brought to the deeper skin layers by the bloodstream. However, as with everything else, ageing causes skin cell production to slow down, hence the process takes up to 50% longer.

In addition, the cells that hold ceramides and other lipids also begin to weaken. As a result, the skin begins to lose moisture and the weakened barriers enable pollutants and radiation to reach deep layers of skin that produce collagen and elastin.

So what can be done to prevent this?

This is when effective anti-ageing creams comes in as a study by the Kao Corporation showed that creams containing 8% of Ceramide E improves water content of skin and symptoms of atopic dermatitis. More recently, studies have also shown that the ceramides from whole grain wheat work to nourish the skin's structure from within. The ceramides inhibit the elastase enzymes that destroy the skin's elastin, which results in loss of flexibility and increased wrinkling. 5 Natural ceramides provide continuous maintenance for skin and allow it to sustain its healthy protective function and vital moisture. The world's first ceramide-rich extract of wheat is now referred to as Skin Restoring Phytoceramides, it's derived from wholegrain, non- genetically modified wheat containing purified oils and is gluten free.

There are far more options available to people than they realize. They're unaware that there are a number of non-surgical procedures that can help them age more gracefully without going under the knife. Talk to one of our dermatologists for more information.

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