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Anti-aging Chocolate

25th June 2015

With everything from Diabetes to bad skin being attributed to having too much of a sweet tooth, it's clear that the health risks of chocolate consumption far outweigh the benefits. 

But is this the whole story?

With the recent announcement of an anti-aging chocolate, it would seem that the assessment of chocolate as entirely bad for you could very well be changing.

Here we take a look at this newly discovered chocolate and evaluate its claims to keeping your skin looking its youthful best.

So, chocolate could make me look younger?

Not exactly.

First announced back in February as an anti-aging chocolate bar, ‘Esthechoc’ is described as a 'unique food supplement in the form of functional beauty dark chocolate’ that claims to bring older looking skin back to the levels of a 20 or 30 year-old.

Esthechoc, the anti-aging chocolate

Source: http://www.esthechoc.com/uk

So whilst it may look and taste like a normal dark chocolate, this doesn’t mean that you can simply sit back, relax and binge on Esthechocs while watching a movie.

On the contrary, it’s recommended that not only do you undertake regular exercise (as you should do with any dietary supplement), but that you should also not exceed the daily dosage of 7.5 grams if you want to experience the full benefits of Esthechoc.

How does it work?

According to its creators, the Cambridge based biotech company Lycotec, Esthechoc is packed with a range of natural anti-aging nutrients, and is said to contain as many cocoa flavanols as a 100g piece of regular chocolate and as much astaxanthin as 300g of wild salmon.

Both of these nutrients are known to help improve your body’s circulation and increase the blood supply to the skin, which is considered to be essential to maintaining a youthful visage.

Does it work?

As with many newly discovered food supplements, this is a difficult question to answer definitively.

Whilst there is some considerable clinical research to support the effects of Esthechoc, it’s important to remember that it’s a new product that has so far only been tested by Lycotec themselves. As such, it should be approached with a healthy dose of caution until further research is conducted into the effects of this anti-aging chocolate.

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