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Will sweating improve my acne this summer?

22nd July 2015

Sweating is bad for you, right?

All my life I have been lead to believe that sweating aggravates breakouts, making me run for a towel every 20 minutes in the gym. However, recent studies suggest that for acne sufferers, sweating could be a blessing. Despite deodorant being a handbag necessity at this time of the year, and make up disintegrating off my face as the day goes by - there is now evidence that this annoying bodily function could actually improve our complexions.

What does sweating do?

Although there is truth behind the idea that sweat causes the clogging of pores, it can also help minimise breakouts by flushing out pores that are clogged. This is due to the fact that pores open when sweating, removing the excess dirt and oil from the skin until it is washed away. This is when facial cleansing becomes important - if you do not clean your face quickly enough after sweating, the debris remains on the skin, clogging the pores further and causing breakouts. Obviously this summer, we are not all going to be able to shower after every time we sweat, so the best idea is to carry around the Avène Cleanance Soapless Gel or the sk:n Extra Gentle Pre + Post Procedure Cleanser, allowing you to remove all dirt from your face before it causes breakouts.

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