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What is actually causing my age spots?

30th July 2015

Sick of wearing thick make up to cover your age spots? Confused about what has caused them? In this blog we explain all you will ever need to know about how to improve your unwanted dark patches of skin and how to prevent them from developing further in the future.

Age spots are flat, oval areas of pigmented skin which most commonly appear on the face. Despite the majority of age spots being brown in colour, they can also be red or black. Although they are completely harmless, many people choose to get them removed for cosmetic reasons. With many people claiming they are more ageing than wrinkles, what actually is the cause of age spots and how can they be treated?

The main reasons that age spots appear is as a result of sun damage, genetics and hormones. When under UVA sunlight the body's pigment cells manufacture “melanin” which is what causes these often unwanted dark patches. It is because of this that the majority of age spots do not occur until after 40, however they can appear prematurely for many sun-worshippers.

Here at sk:n we are strong believers in prevention being better than cure. By applying a minimum of SPF30 sun protection daily the development of age spots can be easily prevented. However, if it is already too late for prevention and you would like to remove unwanted age spots we recommend booking a consultation at one of our clinics. Here you will see one of our skin specialists or dermatologists, who will assess your situation and decide on the best course of treatment for you specifically. This could include laser treatment, Fraxel, CO2RE and/or an advanced chemical peel.

These treatments are now also available in our new clinic in Hampstead, which is located a stone's throw away from Hampstead tube station, 5 Holly Hill at the end of Hampstead High Street. We welcome all new clients, and hope to see you soon!

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