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How to choose your suncream

16th July 2015

Summer sun

Summer is in full swing, and although Britain's weather suggests otherwise, it's about time we properly learnt how to choose our sun cream. This year, it has come to the public's attention that the majority of us do not know how to read the protection of sun cream, potentially leading to dangerous consequences!

Up until recently many of us (myself included) were under the impression that the SPF was the only factor relevant when choosing our sun cream. However, we are now being reminded that this protection is only relevant when talking about UVB rays, we also need to think about protecting our skin from UVA rays, the main culprit held responsible for our unwanted wrinkles. The protection from these UVA rays is rated by the number of stars on the bottle, with a maximum of four stars shown if the product filters out as much UVA as UVB. Many have voiced the opinion that this has not been made clear enough in the design of most sun creams, causing people to worry that they have unknowingly aged their skin prematurely. Because sunburn and skin cancer are the result of over-exposure to UVB rays, we are being told to choose the SPF first before making sure the sun cream also has four stars.


We know skin

Here at sk:n, we understand that the protection of your skin is one of the most important beauty needs out there. This is why we have specifically designed our own skin care collection to keep you safe in the sun this year. Our SPF 50 sk:n sunscreen not only provides maximum protection from dangerous rays, but it acts as a tinted moisturiser to boost the skin's radiance and luminosity. If the sun has left your skin irritated we also have designed our own Aloe Vera Gel to cool, soothe and promote healthy skin.

At our new Sk:n clinic in Cardiff we provide many treatments designed to improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin. With our expert team of consultants, doctors and nurses help rewind the clock using anti-ageing injections, a selection of skin peels, and many other rejuvenating procedures. At Sk:n we only use the highest grade anti-ageing solutions available and unlike other providers, ours our only ever administered by a doctor or nurse and accord to strict medical protocols. Another treatment available to rejuvenate skin is our range of skin peels, which produce significant results without invasive treatment. These treatments are safe and suitable for all skin types ranging from a light peel, to the more deep peels many of which can be used to treat the effects of sun damage.

Our clinic is located on Ipswich Road in the David Lloyd Leisure, not far from the Morrisons and Sainsburys supermarkets on the estate. We have plenty of parking and are really looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our new premises!

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