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How to avoid dry skin this summer

13rd July 2015  : 

Staying hydrated

Summer is finally here. The sun is shining (most of the time), the schools are out and the bikinis have been bought. At this time of year many of us spend a lot of time making sure we are “beach ready”, with hair removal and tanning often being our priorities. However we often forget about one of the most basic beauty necessities, moisturised skin. So how do you keep your skin hydrated?



The most obvious answer is to make sure we are drinking plenty of water (and no, cocktails do not count as they are in fact dehydrating). If you want to add a splash of flavour to your H2O, follow the recent celebrity craze and add slices of fruit, a healthier alternative to fruit juice. We often forget that foods such as watermelon, cucumber and strawberries are naturally made up of more than 90% water, so you really have no excuse to not keep your body hydrated this summer. The exfoliation of your skin is also essential for the maintenance of its moisture. Here at sk:n we have created products designed specifically to cleanse and exfoliate skin affected by the sun. Our own products also include the sk:n SPF 50 sunscreen, a tinted moisturiser designed to protect the skin from damaging sun rays and also boost its radiance and luminosity.


If you’re already noticing theresults of the sun’s exposure and would like a more drastic improvement, at our NEW sk:n clinic Dartford our expert clinical team have been extensively trained to provide you with Mandelic peels. These exfoliating peels gently encourage cell-turnover, helping to reveal a clearer complexion. Suitable for all skin tones and types, the treatment will immediately smooth and soften your skin, even those who suffer from rosacea.  

Our NEW Dartford clinic is located within Dartford David Lloyd Leisure on Darenth Road, Kent. Free parking is available directly outside the clinic and disabled access is also provided. Open until 8pm, the clinic offers accessible and convenient appointments with some of the UK’s leading dermatologists.

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