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How effective is a pure gold facial?

27th July 2015

In the world of beauty treatments, a pure gold facial doesn't even rank near the top of the list of most bizarre ones. But it is definitely up there amongst the most expensive - a pack of 12 ‘Deep Tissue Rejuvenating Masks’ costs around £1,398. With such a big price tag, we're all dying to know; does a gold facial actually work?

Why gold?

Throughout history gold has been used for its beautifying and healing properties, Cleopatra was said to sleep in a gold mask every night and modern day celebs who've tried this opulent treatment include Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman.

Gold is said to strengthen elastin, which prevents sagging skin later in life. The luxurious metal also fights free radicals in the skin, making it excellent at anti-aging and removing wrinkles. If nothing else, it serves as the ultimate status symbol.

How does it work?

The treatment varies between spas, but it typically involves the application of a 24-carat gold face mask. Feather-light flakes of gold leaf are applied to the face, which is said to accelerate cell growth, making the skin feel tight and firm. It also slows the rate at which collagen is depleted.

Does it work?

Dr Adam Friedmann, a renowned consultant dermatologist from London, said “It sounds like a good way of spending money for nothing.” He also added “Gold and diamonds are completely unreactive, so the benefit of using gold and diamonds over other things is pretty much zero.”

“It just sounds like a clever bit of gimmickry with no conceivable medical benefit.”

Famed British beauty therapist Lisa Harris, who owns her own clinic in Surrey, said “It’s impossible for gold to penetrate the skin; it's the other ingredients which are good for the skin.”

So is it all worth it?

With no conceivable medical benefits and a hefty price tag, is a gold facial worth it? Probably not. There are far more effective (and cheaper) treatments available. Why not ask one of our expert dermatologists about a treatment.

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