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It's not airbrushing - Helen Mirren actually does look that good!

13rd July 2015  : 

Model at any age

We are all used to seeing models with enviously-glowing skin plastered across our televisions, yet many of us couldn't quite believe our eyes when we saw just how youthful 69 year old Helen Mirren was looking in her most recent TV appearance.

Source: Daily Mail

Following their newest advertising campaign L'Oreal have been forced to respond to a formal complaint accusing the company of airbrushing the face of the actress. The British Advertising Stands Authority (ASA) were able to prove that editing of Mirren's wrinkles did not occur and that the actress’ youthful glow was actually the result of professional make up, and of course her spectacular skin! In the advert for the L'Oreal moisturising cream, the Academy Award winning actress is shown exchanging allusive glances at a younger man after saying “nourish and indulge your skin, and show those age spots who's boss. Grow another year bolder. Look and feel more radiant".


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