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My consultation experience as an intern at sk:n

16th July 2015

About me

My name is Meg Vincent, a twenty year old student and current marketing intern at sk:n Birmingham Harborne Road offices. I have just left the clinic next door after having my first ever skin consultation and I am now aware of how badly I have looked after it up until now. In this blog I hope to document my experience of the consultation from a consumer’s point of view, explaining how it has made me think differently about my skincare routine.

As I entered the clinic I was asked to fill out some details by the nurse behind the counter. This not only included my contact details, but the concerns I have about my skin and how I want it to improve. Once in the consultation room I realised how clinical the company is, with all the rooms resembling those similar to my GP, reassuring me that I was in the safe hand of medically-trained staff. I was asked specifically by the nurse what it was that I wanted to address, which for me, was the sudden break outs that occur on my “T Zone”. The nurse informed me that these pimples on my nose are caused by a build-up of oil and dirt that occur when the face is not properly cleansed. Not only was the nurse extremely informative and helpful, but she was friendly and understanding with her approach, making sure I understood everything that she was explaining. Once I was asked what my daily skincare routine was (make up wipes, light moisturiser) I began to realise where I had been going wrong…


My skin assessment

To study my skin further I was asked if I minded having my makeup removed. As I did not, I lay down on the bed and the nurse began cleansing my face of all its makeup and dirt. I was then asked to put my head in the skin scanner, which showed both myself and the nurse, the skin on my face under UV light. After explaining to me where on my face I had oil production, sun damage and dead skin cells I began to realise that I needed to get more serious about looking after my skin. The nurse informed me of the products and treatments that I would benefit from, however I felt under no obligation to purchase anything there and then, there was no pressure at all. As I left the consultation the nurse was kind enough to write up my personal “skin assessment” form, documenting her main concerns and recommendations regarding my skin, which I was able to take home with me.

Over all, my consultation experience at sk:n was incredibly eye opening. It reminded me of the importance of skincare and inspired me to want to improve my overall complexion. I have come to the conclusion that many of us neglect the importance of healthy skin. We visit the hairdresser regularly for our hair, the dentist often for our teeth, yet I only know of a handful of people who frequently see a dermatologist. After my consultation at sk:n I can say that I will now be one of those handful, I now understand that the caring of skin requires a medically-trained professional. To book your sk:n consultation call our friendly team for free on 0800 822 3305 or visit our website.

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