Blogs from July 2015

  • What is actually causing my age spots?

    Sick of wearing thick make up to cover your age spots? Confused about what has caused them? In this blog we explain all you will ever need to know about how to improve your unwanted dark patches of skin and how to prevent them from developing further in the future.

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  • How effective is a pure gold facial?

    In the world of beauty treatments, a pure gold facial doesn't even rank near the top of the list of most bizarre ones. But it is definitely up there amongst the most expensive - a pack of 12 'Deep Tissue Rejuvenating Masks' costs around £1,398. With such a big price tag, we're all dying to know; does a gold facial actually work? ... read more

  • What is collagen?

    With hundreds of products on the market claiming to boost collagen and fight signs of anti-aging, maybe it’s time we took a look at what collagen actually is, and what it does for your skin. 

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  • Don't let acne get you down.

    New research has emerged showing that 1 in 5 acne sufferers have contemplated suicide and more than half, say they have been verbally abused by their friends and family. 

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  • This is why you should eat more mushrooms.

    Mushrooms are quite a divisive (but delicious) ingredient, but could they also be the key to your skin troubles and anti-aging woes? Research has shown that this may not be a total bunch of shiitake. 

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  • Are you zinc deficient?

    According to World Health Organisation research, a massive 31.7% of the entire population of the world are zinc deficient – that’s over 2 billion people. But did you know zinc has many roles in the body, and could be the cause of your acne?

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  • Are you washing your face correctly?

    Washing your face is one of the basic things you learn growing up, so it might never occur to you that you're doing it wrong. Washing your face properly can be one of the big key steps to reducing your acne, so make sure you follow these key steps. ... read more

  • The worst things you can do for your skin.

    We’re constantly being bombarded by skincare advice, being told what the best is, but very rarely are we told what the worst is. So we’ve compiled a list of what to avoid at all costs to keep your skin looking its best. 

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  • "My tanning addiction nearly killed me"

    You may have seen this selfie of Tawny Willoughby on your Facebook newsfeed recently. The photo has been shared more than 69,000 times on the social media site, brutally displaying the devastating effects the sun can have on our skin.

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  • Girl hopes to undergo Laser Hair Removal to improve her "Werewolf Syndrome" symptoms

    Born with excessive hair all over her body, 8-year-old Xiaoling from China hopes to undergo laser hair treatment to give her a “normal” life. According to the Daily Mail, the young girl was born with hypertrichosis, a condition commonly known as “Werewolf syndrome” due to extreme amounts of unwarranted hair being its main symptom.

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