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Will powdered paper make your skin perfect?

10th January 2015

Never heard of paper make-up before? Powdered paper might be the next big thing for you, not only will it revolutionise the way you put make up on but also improve your skin.

Makes your skin nice and smooth

Powdered paper is the latest beauty must-have product. You can find them for different beauty needs such as foundation, blusher, highlighter and even bronzer paper. Very easy to use, by sweeping the paper over your face and areas where you want to apply the make-up will make your skin look smooth.

Powdered paper can be a great way to make your skin glow and look perfect as it doesn't make your skin look oily. Indeed, another benefit of powdered papers is that they are like blotting papers, meaning that when pressing the paper will make your skin matte by absorbing the excess oil on your face. This is perfect as you will not be touching your face with your fingers which will avoid putting any bacteria on your skin.

What skin problems?

If you have any acne or eczema and putting make-up on is a vital need, then you will be surprised at how effective powdered paper is. You won't need to clean your make-up brushes anymore as everything is on the paper. Furthermore, by avoiding placing your fingers on your face, no bacteria will come on your face, which will reduce breakouts.

Indeed, acne can be caused by the bacteria present on your skin and therefore increases when not taken care of. Avoiding putting make-up and making sure you clean your face is important to make your skin better. However, there are specific treatments that can additionally make your skin flawless other than using powdered paper. Consequently, by booking an appointment with one of our dermatologist can provide you with a better solution.

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