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Unforgivable tattoo mistake, Lee is now struggling to get a job

20th January 2015

Having a tattoo that you regret can certainly be a dramatic problem, especially when you wake up sober the next morning to find the indelible ink has been applied to your face. Lee was one such unfortunate soul, who is now struggling to get a job, having been subject to the societal challenges posed by having facial tattoos.

Lee - Unfortunate Tattoo

Image source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2897295/Father-five-left-social-outcast-unable-job-getting-DIY-facial-tattoo-using-PRINTER-INK-drunk.html

Lee's Story

Shortly after having his tattoo, Lee was asked to leave the company where he was working as a result of his permanent ink on his face. Lee is a father of five and losing his job was a very tragic consequence as he struggles to find a new job and feed his family. His tattoo also had further social repercussions with his children being bullied at school. Lee expresses how devastating this tattoo has been to him since the day he got it and wishes he had never done it but also suggests to anyone that wants to get a tattoo to never have one on your face.

You must be wondering how and why Lee got this tattoo? According to recent research, the majority of tattoos are the result of inebriated thinking at the end of a late night's drinking session. Based on this research, Lee's actions are not unusual yet they have far reaching consequences that you are not always aware of. It all started as a joke around drinks, Lee wanted to impress his friends by having the tattoo but the next day he quickly realised how much he didn't like it.

What you can do to recover from such a tragic turnaround

Not having enough money to go to laser treatment, Lee resorted to removing his tattoo with a nutmeg grater, which, needless to say, is a terrible idea as scars appeared the following day. Another, less painful option that Lee could have opted for would be to use a foundation make up which can cover very well tattoos.

That said, the most successful procedure to remove your tattoos is obviously through laser tattoo removal. Lee eventually managed to go through this treatment and is very happy with the result. Furthermore, he stresses the point and recommends everyone not getting a facial tattoo and if you do think carefully about what you want. So if ever you find yourself in a similar situation as Lee and looking into removing your tattoos, please make sure to consult one of our dermatologists who can prescribe the best treatment.


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