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The health benefits you'll see from sleep

3rd January 2015

Anyone who tells you that the amount and quality of your sleep doesn't affect almost every aspect of your life is either lying, or is thoroughly misguided.

Health Benefits of Sleep

Source: http://static1.squarespace.com/static/52531afee4b0f4b1f8aa79be/525b0629e4b0ef38087f0414/52e9848ce4b0a1c25204dd05/?format=1000w

Cognitive Functioning

During your sleep, your brain goes through a process called “consolidation” where it reviews and strengthens skills and knowledge learnt while you were awake. These memories and skills are also restructured during your sleep which can lead to greater creativity during waking hours.

Anyone who's slept badly or made the ill advised attempt at an all-nighter knows how hard it is to concentrate on anything the next day. Not only will this make you less productive but it can have nasty effects on your work life. If you're too tired to focus on the work you're doing, you're unlikely to complete it to a high standard.

This is acceptable on rare occasions, but if you make it a habit of going to bed very late you should re-asses your priorities and adjust your lifestyle choices.


Flip through any popular women's magazine and you're likely to find some kind of list of weight loss tips. If getting quality sleep isn't on the list, you should put it down and find yourself a better publication to follow.

A study by the University of Chicago, found that you could experience up to 56% more fat loss if you're well rested. Although those who were sleep deprived lost the same amount of overall weight, they lost it from muscle mass and not fat.

Repairing Your Body

Your whole body works on repairing itself while you sleep; your skin cells renew, you go through hormonal and metabolic changes and so much more. It's not only too little sleep that can damage your skin, but too much has been found to have negative effects too.

Lastly, getting a good night's sleep can help you deal with stressful situations more rationally and generally be happier. If you think your sleep is being disturbed by something going on internally, visit you GP.

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