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Is Laser Hair Removal the right decision?

23rd January 2015

Fed up of shaving or waxing and wondering whether laser hair removal is right for you? Here is a quick highlight of the information you need to know before you decide to go for laser hair removal. We have listed below some of the benefits you can receive with laser hair removal.


Are you made for laser hair removal?

You might be worried whether laser hair removal is the right thing for you. Maybe your friends, family or someone you know have had bad experiences or you've read horror stories of treatments going wrong. We want to assure you that, whilst treatments can be a disaster for some, this is often due to the lack of specialists and high quality lasers. In fairness, one very important consideration to take into account is not just whether you want laser hair removal but also what area you will be targeting.

This is because the technology uses photothermolysis, in which an intense light and heat is applied on your hairs. It is important to think about where you are using this kind of treatment and to make sure that experts and certified machines are used for your laser hair removal. You might want to have a look at getting laser hair removal at Sk:n Clinic for its expertise and approved medical protocol.

Another important aspect that can influence your decision is regarding your skin and hairs. Can anyone have laser hair removal? Unfortunately, depending on the tone of your skin and the colours of your hairs, some lasers do not work as effectively as they would for others. Indeed, results are best on pale skin and dark haired people but this doesn't mean it wouldn't work for others. If you're unsure, visit Sk:n's website where you can take a test to see if your skin tone and hair colour are suitable for laser hair removal.

What are the benefits?

The greatest use of laser hair removal is that it completely removes your hairs for a long period of time. Better than waxing and shaving, laser hair removal manages to damage the hair follicle and bulb so that further hair growth is unlikely. Therefore, in-grown hairs, which often come as a result of waxing will be non-existent with laser hair removal.

However, keep in mind that you usually need to go through 8 to 12 visits to the clinic to receive a perfect long lasting result. Consequently, you can say goodbye to waxing and razors, the absence of which can improve your skin from irritations, rashes and allergic reactions. Furthermore, another great benefit of going through this treatment is that you will no longer need to think about your hairs.

As mentioned previously, we would highly recommend booking an appointment with a dermatologist to receive the best treatment for your type of skin and hairs. Consulting an expert and receiving this treatment by specialists is best so do be careful with regards to these two aspects as when looking into cheap places you might be disappointed in the result.

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