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Going through a break-up can impact your skin

8th January 2015

Source: http://www.hercampus.com/love/relationships/calling-it-quits-dos-and-donts-breaking

Dr Daron Seukerman, one of our consultant dermatologists at Skin clinic, stressed the point that “a break up is naturally one of the biggest things that can happen in a person's life”. Yet, whilst you might think this is just an emotional pain, it can also become a physical pain. Unfortunately, this is something you cannot always control but we will try to give you some recommendations that can improve your skin conditions.


The stress and sadness after a split affect your body in many ways. Depression, stress, anxiety and having trouble with sleeping can imply the development of skin conditions.

Inevitably, you may find unusual spots on your face. No need to worry about it, this is completely normal for most people as they result from these symptoms. In order to treat acne, there are many possible remedies available for you. However, we strongly recommend visiting a dermatologist to receive the best treatment. It is important to note that trying out different remedies that worked for others doesn't mean they will be successful with you. You can book for consultation at one of our Skin clinics.

Not eating properly

We have all had that Bridget Jones moment, working our way through a tub of ice cream when going through a break up. Whilst this is possibly a great way to make you feel better in the short run, eating unhealthily, not feeling hungry and then suddenly eating a lot will have a negative impact on your weight and skin. This will also result in the appearance of acne. Therefore, even if you don't feel hungry, try and keep to the same diet you had before the break up.

Crying a lot

Going through a split is never fun; tears can run uncontrollably down your cheeks endlessly. It has been suggested that we have different types of tears and those related with emotional crying are more watery and less salty. As they overflow and run down your cheeks, traces of mascara will appear and the tears will go through little ducts in the back of your nose and into saltier tissues of the eyes. This will result in making your eyes look puffier. If you feel that this is something that is unusual then possibly visiting a dermatologist will help in giving you better recommendations regarding your skin problems.

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