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Crop tops and selfies are leading to increase in thread vein removal

2nd January 2015

It is common knowledge that individuals who spend a large amount of time in the public eye often turn to cosmetic procedures (both surgical and non-) in order to preserve their looks. It's not only personal goals that lead to these treatments but fashion trends as well.

Those who aren't up to date on modern trends may only associate crop tops with girl bands of the 1990's but look into any fashion mag and you'll find it hard not to see them. The not-so-new craze is leading to a greater demand in having flawless midriffs.

Until recently, the legs and the face have had the greatest demand for thread vein removal but this not-so-new craze is causing stomach treatments to rise. Crop tops, along with bikinis put a lot of pressure on women to have flawless bodies.

Thread veins in the midriff area usually present as small, vertical lines and can be caused by a number of reasons. Although often linked to heavy drinking, they can be caused by excess sun exposure, hormones, skin conditions and even genetic predispositions.

It can be difficult enough for women, regardless of their age, to feel confident about their bodies given the large amount of societal pressure. Especially since the rise of social networks like Instagram, female celebrities aren't shy about showing off their flat stomachs and impressive physiques.

There are a number of reasons why women may be self-conscious about their stomach area and be reluctant to show it off. Some of these reasons are easier to fix than others. Stretch marks and thread veins are two things that can cause great insecurity but are relatively easy to treat.

Whether it's the size of your stomach, a birthmark or a nasty scar; never feel there aren't options available to you. The first step is to talk to medically trained professionals that can inform you of what can be done.

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