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Beauty Habits or Beauty mistakes?

23rd January 2015

Wanting to keep our skin looking great and beautiful is one of our greatest preoccupations but why does it seem so difficult to attain? One reason could be that you be guilty of some bad beauty habits that are actually not helping your skin. We have looked into 5 common beauty habits that are actually terrible beauty mistakes.

Beauty Habits or Mistakes
Image source: http://www.beautylish.com/a/vpgry/weird-beauty-habits-revealed


Falling asleep with your make up on

It's been a tough day at work and the first thing you really look forward to is your bed. Never mind about removing your make up, you can do it in the morning; after all it's such an effort when you are so tired.

You might think that your beauty sleep will help in getting a great skin tone in the morning. However, leaving make up on overnight will only increase your skin problems. As a matter of fact, all the oil and bacteria collected from the day stay on your face overnight which doesn't let your skin breathe or exfoliate. Moreover, during sleep you are actually rejuvenating your skin, therefore cleansing your face beforehand is vital to help your beauty sleep.

Washing your face with hot water

Washing your face is key to keeping your skin fresh and clean. We do know it is tempting to use hot water to help clean your face but this can actually harm you more than do good.

When you rinse with hot water you can cause broken capillaries on your face. This is because the capillary walls are thin and elastic which makes them very reactive to the temperature.

Steaming your face too much

A good way to clean your face is to steam it. However, it has been suggested that applying this formula too often can damage your skin and make it very dry. Steaming your face too often will produce more oil and this will produce breakouts. In order to clean your face, we do recommend steaming your face only once a week.

Washing your face before your hair

This might sound surprising, but while washing your hair and especially with conditioning hair masks, residue from the oils can tend to sit into your face. Unfortunately, this will get your pores clogged and lead to breakouts. Therefore, cleaning your face after washing your hair is highly recommended.

Wearing a tight pony tail

Wearing a pony can be very practical in order to exercise or when you feel like your hair is invading your face but can also make you look beautiful. However the way you tie your hair up may affect hair loss. Indeed, the tighter your pony tail is the more likely you will be to see your hair fall as pulling your hair can cause traction alopecia. However, when noticed early, you can avoid long term hair loss. Therefore, we would suggest making a much looser knot.

These recommendations may enlighten your idea of a good beauty habit, which leads us to suggest that if you notice severe acne or eczema to book an appointment with one of our dermatologist to find a quicker cure to your skin problems.

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