Blogs from January 2015

  • When is the best time to wash your face?

    Washing your face is important in order to improve and keep a great skin tone. However, it’s been suggested that there are specific times of the day to cleanse your face to achieve the best results for your skin. We will go through when is the best time to wash your face and why.... read more

  • How to get rid of unwanted beauty issues

    Beauty problems are often seen as a nightmare, especially when you do not really know how to get rid of them and are too embarrassed to ask. We are here to speak about them and advise you on how to make your skin look flawless.... read more

  • Foods to fight against acne

    Having spots can be very frustrating when having your graduation photo, a job interview or even going on a romantic date. You might have tried different remedies to cure your acne but yet been unsuccessful. The reason behind this could be related to your diet. We have therefore come up with a list of several foods that can help in giving you splendid and glowing skin again.... read more

  • Beauty Habits or Beauty mistakes?

    Wanting to keep our skin looking great and beautiful is one of our greatest preoccupations but why does it seem so difficult to attain? One reason could be that you be guilty of some bad beauty habits that are actually not helping your skin. We have looked into 5 common beauty habits that are actually terrible beauty mistakes.... read more

  • Is Laser Hair Removal the right decision?

    Fed up of shaving or waxing and wondering whether laser hair removal is right for you? Here is a quick highlight of the information you need to know before you decide to go for laser hair removal. We have listed below some of the benefits you can receive with laser hair removal.... read more

  • Millennials's attitude towards beauty is quite surprising as anti-ageing is their number one priority

    This new generation called the Millennials are characterised as being very tech-savvy and heavily preoccupied with the way they look. Indeed, not only do they like to be part of the latest social trends with Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, but they also express how important their looks are to them.... read more

  • Unforgivable tattoo mistake, Lee is now struggling to get a job

    Having a tattoo that you regret can certainly be a dramatic problem, especially when you wake up sober the next morning to find the indelible ink has been applied to your face. Lee was one such unfortunate soul, who is now struggling to get a job, having been subject to the societal challenges posed by having facial tattoos.... read more

  • Reinvent your skin this January with sk:n clinics

    With 2015 well into full swing, now is the time to make a fresh start, so why not begin with a fresh face too? sk:n clinics has a growing network of 35 clinics nationwide with numerous treatments available, to refresh and revitalise your skin for the best version of you for the year ahead.... read more

  • What ingredient do you need most in 2015 to have great skin?

    Your beauty regime may already include vitamins and minerals but there may be one that you're missing out on to give your skin that extra boost... read more

  • What you need to know about dark circles around your eyes

    One’s face is often where the majority of your skincare regime takes place and so any change or imperfection feels magnified. If the eyes are the window to the soul, then having dark circles around your eyes may feel like that window is not only closed by covered by unsightly curtains.... read more

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