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Zap those pimples at home

27th February 2015

With spots and break outs being so common, it's no surprise that people are always looking for a quick and convenient way to clear up their skin. At-home treatments are particularly popular, despite often having high price tags, because of this considerable convenience.

Clear Rayz for Acne

Clear Rayz for Acne is the latest gadget to hit the market. The product uses LED rays to kill the bacteria that causes acne as well as reduce inflammation.

Source: http://www.babyquasar.com/products/detail/clear-rayz-acne

The gadget claims to be effective for all individuals, regardless of skin type, tone or age. This in itself is suspicious as it is highly unlikely one treatment is fit for all. However, the emotional stress that acne can cause to a person often makes them desperate to find a cure.

The answer to severe acne?

It's unlikely that anyone who only suffers the occasional pimple will want to shell out hundreds of pounds to get rid of them. However, those who live with constant and severe break outs will be keen to find a way to rid them of their skin problems, especially if other treatments have proven ineffective.

Before spending large amounts on new "scientifically proven" gadgets, acne sufferers should consult with a dermatologist to discuss their options. There is a number of treatments available to help get rid of acne and having a professional to guide you through them all will prevent you from spending money on something that doesn't work on you.

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