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Your screens are affecting your skin

12nd February 2015

You might have noticed that technology and screens are getting more and more involved in our lives. You are using your phone to wake-up, check the news, and find the quickest way to go to work and work all the day on a laptop to then even socialise through your smartphone. However, have you ever thought about the effects of theses screens are doing to your skin?

Image source: https://blog.blogthings.com/2014/03/31/are-you-a-smart-phone-tablet-or-laptop/

How do screens affect your skin?

As a matter of fact, the harsh reality turns out that the light from your screen is not dangerous in any way but unfortunately the radiations will help increase your skin to age.

The most important cause of these radiation is the negative affect of electrostatic field and free radicals around the computer. On the one hand, the electrostatic field will have consequences on the acid-based skin balance which can cause irritations you may have. On the other hand, the free radicals will lead to your skin ageing.

The radiations from the computer will also impact the pigmentation of your skin, just like the sun does. Consequently, you will also find fine lines and wrinkles that start to appear and this is not only due to ageing and skin peels but to your screens. And yes, you are ageing faster than what you should because of your computer.

What to do?

One first big important step to know if you are likely to be affected by the radiations emitted by your computer is to check that your screen is LED or LCD and not one of those old desktops which emits UV radiations. This might be a good reason to finally upgrade to a newer computer.

Another good tip would be to apply moisturiser with sunscreen protection minimum of 30. This will not only protect you from the UV radiations coming from your laptop but also protect from UVs bursting out the windows in your office or at home and whenever you are outside.

There are many remedies to help your skin rejuvenate and make you look younger. However, we would highly recommend visiting one of our dermatologist at Sk:n clinic to receive the best and most adequate treatment for you.

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