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Why sk:n clinics know best what works in skincare and what the new trends will be…

17th February 2015

With the biggest network of clinics in the country (thirty-five, but shortly to be higher), and more new and loyal clients than any other provider, suppliers in the aesthetic industry know that if they manage to get one of their products listed with sk:n, they can reach many more clients.

However, the bar is set high. sk:n have a longstanding medical heritage to protect going back twenty-five years; sk:n's initial specialism was in port wine stain birthmark removal in hospitals and the company invested in the highest grade lasers on the market, operated as a supplier to the NHS. Before long however, sk:n doctors were treating NHS patients for broader dermatological needs and a broader partnership emerged.

That partnership remains, with a monthly Medical Standards Team (MST) meeting chaired by Dr Daron Seukeran. Comprising leading consultant dermatologists, plastic surgeons, nurses and the chief executive of sk:n, they ensure that all treatments, products and equipment are approved in terms of clinically proven efficacy and safety prior to adoption in clinic. Ongoing, they monitor adherence to medical protocols so they know all treatments are delivered safely, effectively and by appropriately trained staff in a safe, clinically appropriate environment compliant with all healthcare regulations.

In addition to this, sk:n medical experts attend leading industry conventions throughout the year, all around the world, to spot new trends and identify new treatments to bring back and test at the MST

Therefore, if you see a new treatment launched in a sk:n clinic, you know it's been more rigorously tested in terms of both efficacy and safety than (sadly) the industry norm.

So, what is coming up in the near future?

The trend for homecare kits is set to continue with advances being made in laser technology to fit in to handheld devices. As you would expect however, these devices have comparatively little power next to the powerful in-clinic lasers and consequently results don't measure up.

Big steps are being taken in specialised injectables for different parts of the face, contouring and firming treatments and laser resurfacing in particular. As for products, manufacturers are looking for ways to synthesise more active ingredients in to ever better formulations. Skinceuticals for example, continue to see sales soar with their patented method for synthesising powerful antioxidants, specifically high levels of Vitamin C, and other brands are following suit with 'me-toos.'

Our experts are on hand to answer any other questions you may have and the topic of New Trends will be further explored in another post soon.

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