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Why am I feeling itchy and scratchy?

27th February 2015

Feeling itchy and scratchy and don't understand where it's coming from? Well, there are a number of things that could be causing it. One of these may be stress but no need to worry, we have researched the relation between itchiness and anxiety and what you can do to diminish this.

Image source: http://www.stylelist.com/read/what-causing-your-itchy-scalp

How does stress make you itchy?

Stress has been said to cause itchiness as it makes your skin more sensitive and can also make it harder to heal any skin problems you might have.

Stress can actually worsen your skin problems like rosacea and eczema but also increase breakouts and inflammations.

Your blood flow is redirected towards your vital organs instead of your skin, which can trigger existing rashes and allergies through the release of histamine.

We do understand that skin problems can be stressful and you may want to try to cover them up but this will only worsen them.

How do I tackle anxiety?

No matter how tired or stressed you may be, it is important to take care of your skin. One simple way is to try and reduce your anxiety and counter the negative effects of stress.

Make sure you exercise from time to time as it stimulates your blood flow and helps make your skin stronger. However, it is also important that you make time to relax and do something you enjoy even if it's just for 10 minutes.

If you feel you're getting over stressed, possibly practising some stress management exercises will be of benefits.

Another very important tactic to help your skin problems and stress is to make sure you get enough sleep at night (7 to 8 hours is ideal).

If you feel you are struggling in making your skin better do visit a dermatologist by booking an appointment in one of our nearest sk:n clinics to you.

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