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Top 5 reasons to visit a dermatologist

27th February 2015

Everyone finds themselves with the odd skin concern that they're not sure whether to ignore or get it checked out by a qualified dermatologist.

1. Skin cancer screenings

Although you should always wear sun cream when out and about, ideally using a daily moisturiser with SPF, you should still go to get your skin checked for any signs of skin cancer.

This is especially important if you have a lot of moles on your body or come across one you haven't seen before. Familiarise yourself with the signs of skin cancer as well as getting yearly check-ups.

2. Persistent or adult acne

Flare ups that don't respond to over-the-counter treatments or face washes may need a dermatologist to assess what treatments may be more appropriate.

Another reason you should get your acne checked out when nothing helps is that it may not actually be acne but another skin condition that presents similarly.

3. Itching that can't be resolved

Itching can be caused by a multitude of things, some of which are nothing more than an external, environmental cause like your clothing or moisturiser. There are some conditions that can constant itching that cannot be resolved simply by changing your skincare routine. These conditions include but definitely aren't limited to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and folliculitis.

The likelihood is that the cause of the itching isn't dangerous or harmful but will need tailored treatments in order to get rid of it.

4. Changes in your nail colour or shape

You may not associate problems with your nails with dermatology but there are a number of health problems that dermatologists can detect through changes in your nails. It's important to be able to rule out any serious conditions like heart or liver disease that could need urgent treatment.

5. Patches of skin varying in darkness/lightness

This is often a cosmetic problem due that will resolve naturally, but they could be signs of more serious conditions like lymphoma. As soon as you notice these patches, visit a dermatologist so they can rule out anything serious and advise you on treatment.

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