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The History of Hair Removal

27th February 2015

Fashion trends play an important role in society and when looking into hair removal, whether having body and facial hair or not, has been suggested to delineate an ideal beauty. We have researched about the different hair removal trends over the years and where they first originated.

Image source: http://www.thefrisky.com/photos/10-important-moments-in-the-history-of-pubic-hair/pubic-souvenirs

Ancient Egypt

It has been suggested that the Egyptians’ beauty rituals are actually the precursors of various modern day beauty practices. One of them, hair removal, was a very important investment for them, with men shaving their heads and women removing all of their body and facial hair.

Roman Empire

In terms of hair removal, the Roman Empire was marked by the absence of body hair. This enabled people to distinguish the different social classes. As a matter of fact, public hair was considered uncivilised. Therefore, you might have noticed that all the paintings and statues from this period are represented hairless.

Middle Ages

Queen Elizabeth 1 was set as the forerunner in her time with regards to hair removal for women. Indeed, women would copy her hair removal practice by removing their eyebrows and hair from their forehead so as to make it look larger.


This period marked a behavioural change towards hair removal as European and American women didn't pay much attention to it. Nevertheless, a French Barber, Jean Jacques Perret inspired many men and women by creating the first straight razor in 1760.


At the beginning of the 1800s, an important innovation occurred within the hair removal industry with the first depilatory cream “Poudre Subtile” created by Dr Gouraud. Following up this brilliant invention, King Camp Gillette created the first modern day razor for men. Nevertheless, a razor specifically targeted at women was only released 30 years later.

Early 1900s

An important growth of the use of razors and depilatory creams hit this period. This was also underlined by an ad where a woman with her arms up in the air was showing off her bare armpits, featured in a leading women's fashion magazine.

During and after the war, more products such as electric razors enhanced the trend to keep your legs bare. A decade later, hair removal was accepted a lot more publicly.

1980s to Now

Nowadays, it has been suggested that women use hair removal practices on a daily routine whether it is waxing, depilatory, or tweezing. Laser hair removal has also been introduced and seen as the biggest hair removal revolution by giving you the possibility to forever removing your hairs.

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