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The Dog-Walker's guide to Skincare at sk:n Clinics

22nd February 2015

Juliet, a sk:n clinic team member, talks about her skin...


"I'm in my early, ok, mid-forties and have always taken reasonably good care of my skin; taking off my make-up at night and always applying moisturiser twice a day. Last summer however, we got an (adorable) cocker spaniel, Jesse. My routine is now punctuated with twice daily dog walks, in all weathers.

"We've now gone through all four seasons and I've noticed a profound difference on my skin. Quite simply, I'm outside a lot more than I was until now; previously, I could complete an entire working week with only the odd nip outdoors from my car to the office, or office to the sandwich shop. Now I'm outside for at least an extra ten hours a week, which gives the elements enough time to make a difference.

The most drastic change has been to my hands

"So what have I noticed? Possibly the most drastic change has been to my hands and décolletage. The skin on both is thinner than elsewhere, with very little fat and thus when even a small amount of the collagen or elastin fibres break down, as is inevitable with ageing, the result is more noticeable. Skin is more crepe-like in texture, and veins appear more noticeable. Finally, dependent on sun exposure - and I've had a lot, having always been a sun worshipper, for my sins - there are emerging brown spots, known as liver spots, which is a big give-away that I'm indeed getting older. And now I'm exposing these areas to another ten hours UV damage a week....

"So, what to do? UV exposure is the biggest cause of skin-ageing, being responsible for over 90% of all effects. So first off, I'm making sure I use sk:n handcream three times a day. Containing Vitamins C, E, jojoba and a clinically proven peptide, its powerful anti-oxidant action will put the brakes on further damage and slow down the emergence of brown spots. Before I worked at sk:n clinic, I used to select hand creams based on their feel on my skin. But having worked with some of the UK's best dermatologists for 3 years now, I know to carefully select the ingredients. All sk:n products are unusual in a crowded market place as they are all formulated to contain ingredients at a clinically active level. I've noticed a real difference since I worked the cream into a more regular routine.

sk:n Cream for Sun Damaged Skin

"Also, the area which is often caught by those damaging UVA rays (A for ageing, B for burning) is my chest or décolletage. It's easy to forget and to think you're all wrapped up in a coat and scarf. But inevitably I get hot marching the dog up the hill and then bam. The first place the UV rays catch is my exposed neck and upper chest and the damage begins. So I know ensure I keep moisturising when I'm doing my face, further down to my neck and chest, using sk:n treatment cream for mature or sundamaged skin. This also contains Vitamin A, or retinol, a powerful anti-ageing active.

"Finally, I've been treating myself to a hand and neck peel at sk:n. The deep-acting peels work to remove dead or surface skin cells whilst encouraging new ones to grow. The results are striking and I feel I've been able to undo much of the damage of this last year whilst I adapt my skin routine to my dog-walking one!"



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