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The Anti-Aging Snail Facial

5th February 2015

Some people dedicate a large chunk of their personal time to finding new beauty secrets and treatments that are going to give them youthful, glowing skin no matter their skin type. One of the latest controversial trends that emerged recently is snail facials.

Source: http://medicinalbeauty.com/?page_id=1141

What is it?

For all the animal lovers out there, it doesn’t require the death of any snails but for snails to be placed on your face. A number of salons in Eastern Asia are offering ‘aspersa müller glycoconjugates’ (snail facials) because they believe the slime has the ability to reduce the signs of wrinkles.

The mucus contains proteins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid that keeps skin moisturised and removes dead skin cells. Even Hippocrates was thought to crush snails to cure skin inflammation.

It’s available in the UK

A salon in Northamptonshire began offering a similar treatment in 2013, where trained ‘snail facialists’ ensure the slimy critters don’t get too near the nostrils, eyes or mouth. The first salon in Asia opened in Tokyo and charged £161 for the treatment.

The snails are specially bred for the purpose, and must be quarantined after each treatment to prevent cross-contamination.

Although these extreme treatments often have great reviews at the beginning, they tend disappear after the initial shock factor is gone. It’s advisable to only undergo procedures that are scientifically tested so you know what to expect with the results.

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