SkinBetter: The app that analyses your skin

2nd February 2015

There really is an app for everything nowadays, and there are quite a few that promise to solve all your skin concerns without the need to go to a GP or dermatologist. The latest is called SkinBetter, and claims to give a personal analysis of your skin.

The app was developed in partnership with Allure Magazine in order to provide an answer to all the women who don’t have time or don’t want to visit a doctor.

How it works

In short, the app leverages the ability to take a good selfie. The app uses ‘medical-imagery software’ on your selfie as well as your answers to a questionnaire in order to analyse current and future problems in your skin.


The software claims to be able to identify wrinkles, dry areas, dark spots, sun damage and more. You are then left with a skin “grade” which leads you to a list of suggested skincare products that it deems suitable for your skin.

Not a replacement for dermatologists

The article in Allure Magazine introducing the app stresses the fact that this is not a replacement for doctor visits or dermatologist appointments. It is to educate users on their skin and the appropriate products for your skin type.

We are constantly looking for easy, quick fixes that will aid our busy, modern lifestyles, so are more than happy to swap a doctor’s appointment for an app that claims to give the same, if not more detailed solution.

It may be useful for understanding the general skincare for your skin types but only a dermatologist will be able to give you a truly personalised experience as well as comfort and support. An app is unlikely going to recognise medical conditions that could be causing your skin problems. This could result in more damage as only the symptoms will be treated and not the cause.

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