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Permanent makeup can be a permanent nightmare

27th February 2015

The latest biggest makeup trend making the headlines at the minute is permanent makeup, with the number of patients tripling. This practice enables you to finally have perfectly shaped eyebrows, red lips and lovely straight eyeliner. However, as demand for permanent makeup increases, research claims that the number of disasters caused by malpractices have also risen.

Risks of having permanent makeup

It is important to consider and understand how permanent makeup can have some negative side effects or not reach your aesthetic expectations. Indeed, just like having a tattoo your skin is in contact with a needle and therefore needs to be carefully disinfected and prepared. However, the adverse effects you might find could be an allergic reaction and the development of granulomas and keloids.

The ink used for permanent make up is slightly different to the one used for an ordinary tattoo. For permanent makeup, metallic inks are often the cause of pains and inflammations but needed because of the sensitive skin areas on your face.

Another interesting fact you should bear in mind when going for permanent makeup is that unfortunately the inks fades and it's been suggested that the colours can migrate each year. Consequently, you would be returning and spending more money on having the procedure done again.

Advice when getting permanent makeup

If you are looking to have permanent makeup, we would highly recommend you first check the practitioner and the salon where he operates.

  • Do make sure the salon has a certificate and a business licence but also that the practitioner is certified.
  • Do not rely on testimonials or pictures; this is a very delicate operation. Make plans to contact people who have already received the procedure and get their views.
  • In order to avoid infections, ensure you see the practitioner remove a brand new needle from a sealed package and open a new bottle of pigment. Do not forget to also follow the instructions to prepare the treated area.

If ever you have found yourself with messy permanent make up and need advice on what to do about laser tattoo removal we would recommend you book an appointment with one of our dermatologist at sk:n.

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