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A Parent’s Guide to Acne: How to Plan for Clear Skin

18th February 2015

By Lisa Mason, sk:n medical standards manager (and a mother)

Acne Guide for Parents

As your child grows, you prepare for the changes they'll go through and plan how to help them make a smooth transition. Maybe taking them shopping for their first school uniform or bra, routine trips to the dentist to help correct the position of new teeth, or upgrading to a good hairdresser when they're no longer happy with you cutting their fringe with kitchen scissors!

One change that seems to appear almost overnight, and can cause the most distress, is to their skin. You can reassure them until you're blue in the face that it's just a phase and they'll grow out of it, but sadly this provides little comfort for a number of reasons:

I suffer from really bad acne and have a lot of scarring. My complexion is a combination of dry around my eyes and cheeks but oily around my T-Zone and nose. I've tried everything and nothing is working. I am not very outgoing and feel this is because I am so hung-up about my skin.

These feelings can be very different to what you might expect from a 'normal' teenager. We meet many acne sufferers and their stories are often heart-breaking. They are also typified by a lack of control - they feel they are at the mercy of another breakout, often describing overwhelming feelings of anxiety. These quotes from real acne sufferers we have treated further explain the emotional impact of the skin condition:

I'm 17 and so tired of my skin. As one pimple heals, another one takes its place. I've had Cystic Acne and it has left scars and dips in my face. I'm so tired of this. I literally hate my face and I feel so self conscious about it.
  • Firstly, many don't. Many people have a predisposition to acne, which can stay with them way into their twenties and even thirties.
  • Secondly, left untreated acne can fester and become significantly more unsightly. Worse, the damage can be permanent, as the skin under the surface becomes so damaged it results in deep, pitted scars. A person can be afflicted by these even if they've never picked a single spot and they are challenging to remove.
  • Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, the distress your child might be feeling is very real. Over 75 per cent of acne sufferers feel depressed at some point by their condition. Signs to look out for include:
    1. Avoiding eye contact
    2. Growing hair long to cover their face
    3. Reduced participation in sport or other social activities
    4. Trouble forming new relationships, especially with the opposite sex
    5. Shy or reclusive behaviour
    6. Social phobia
    7. Making excuses to skip school

So, what can you do to help?

With the right treatment plan, prescribed by a highly qualified doctor or nurse, your child can regain precious control over their skin condition. Together we can plan for clear skin, it all starts with a free sk:n acne consultation:

If your child is under 16, you'll need to accompany them to a consultation. However, if they are between 16 and 18 they can attend alone. Some treatments may not be offered depending on the age of the child. This will be discussed at consultation.

If you ring and book a consultation, our Contact Centre will be able to advise you on the best location to come to.

During the consultation, your child will be encouraged to talk about how they are feeling and to present all their acne for the doctor or nurse to assess. We'll then decide on the best person for your child to see depending on their type and severity of acne. If the acne is moderate or severe they will remain within our doctor's care, who will be able to prescribe certain Prescription Only Medicines or, in some cases, ensure your child receives any psychological support they may need.

Equally, it might be that they are advised to return to the care of our highly qualified nurses or acne practitioners for a course of Medical Grade Peels or Isolaz Blue Light Treatment.

Sometimes we believe we can get great results but simply using our Specialist Clinical Products alone. But everyone's skin is different and the treatment plan has to be perfectly tailored to the individual.

With over 20 years experience treating acne, we have the best results in the industry and even record the happiness scores of all our clients following treatment. We're delighted to report that they are consistently high, and growing every day. We also offer interest-free credit arrangements, frequent promotions and larger or smaller courses of treatment, which can all be explored to suit your circumstances. Our practitioners are expertly trained to understand the emotional impact of acne on your child. You're both in safe hands and together we can help your child to regain precious control and plan for clear skin.

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