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How does a tattoo change your life?

27th February 2015

Nowadays, people have become more open-minded with regards to tattoos and try not to directly stereotype others. Nevertheless, it seems like there are still some organisations and countries where it is difficult to get by if you have permanent ink on your skin. Consequently, we have come up with a list of examples that highlight how having a tattoo can actually impact your life in terms of your career, holiday destinations or even just going for a tan or a dip in the pool.

Image source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-29455849

Work Place

Having a tattoo when you are a teenager with all your friends might have been a great idea at the time but did you consider what consequences this might have if you were interested in working for the army or MI5? Yes these are very strict organisations and having a tattoo might be questioned in order to avoid recognition. However, the army has now become more relaxed by permitting tattoos on the back of the neck and the hands. Unfortunately, there are other work places where tattoos are restricted such as the services industry which stresses the importance of aesthetics. For example, primary school teachers must cover their tattoos as they are set as models for their pupils.

Holiday getaway

You might find this surprising, but tattoos are seen differently in different countries. Indeed, if they are accepted when sunbathing on the beach in the south of France, you might find that trying to do the same in Japan, many people will be looking at you with fear. As a matter of fact, tattoos are seen in Japan as historical art but are also a sign of recognition equivalent of the mafia. Consequently, public areas like swimming baths that have a “no tattoo” policy. Tattoos can offend too and this is seen in the recent case of a British woman who had a tattoo of a Buddha on her arm when in Sri Lanka last year and was deported straight away.

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