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Acne and bullying

27th February 2015

Unfortunately those who live with severe acne have likely received some kind of negative behaviour from others about it. In fact, a recent study has found that 57% have experienced verbal abuse because of their acne.

Acne and Bullying

Source: http://www.rockieszingers.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/nelson-muntz-ha-ha2.jpg

The study

A survey was conducted by the British Skin Foundation and looked at over 2,000 acne sufferers to understand the emotional impact of the condition. The results are quite shocking and show that acne can not only have a daily impact on life but influence life events; almost 20% had a relationship end because of it (they believe so anyway).

Almost a third received unfair treatment at work, while 10% claim to have been dismissed from work because of their skin. Whether this is true or not, it shows the level of fear and insecurities that are attached to the condition.

63% of those surveyed said it affected their self-confidence while 95% said it impacted their life on a daily bases. This suggests that some people are inconvenienced by the condition without it reducing their confidence.


Despite there being numerous options for treatment, almost a third claimed to not be offered satisfactory treatment by a medical professional. GP's may be unaware of the extent of emotional damage the condition can cause, or lack the resources to find the appropriate treatment for each patient.

Dermatologists can advise people as to which treatment is most relevant for them, while understand how much the condition can impact their lives. Having that support and understanding can make a huge difference to those who feel hopeless about getting rid of their acne.

Sadly, 20% claimed they considered or attempted suicide due to their acne. This emphasises the importance of providing enough support to those who struggle emotionally with the condition. The fact is, most of the time acne is treatable, proving that many sufferers aren't taken seriously enough to find the right treatment for them.

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